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Are Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos Any Better This Time?

At Taco Bell, weve had innovation on our mind since Glen Bell started serving tacos at the first location in 1962 in Downey, California. Since then, weve grown to be a culture-centric, lifestyle brand that provides craveable, affordable Mexican-inspired food with bold flavors. Not only do we provide breakthrough value, we offer quality ingredients and are the first QSR restaurant to offer American Vegetarian Association -certified menu items.

Taco Bell and our more than 350 franchise organizations operate over 7,000 restaurants that serve more than 40 million customers each week in the U.S. Internationally, the brand is growing with nearly 500 restaurants across almost 30 countries across the globe.

We provide educational opportunities and serve the community through our nonprofit organization, the Taco Bell Foundation, and support fans and team members with their passions through programs such as the Live Más Scholarship. We provide access to sports, gaming and new music through our Feed The Beat program.

Outside of our restaurants, fans can access Taco Bell through our mobile app, desktop on Ta.co and delivery through our partnership with Grubhub. Taco Bell became the first QSR to launch a mobile app in U.S. restaurants for both drive-thru and dining orders. In 2016, we were named as one of Fast Companys Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World.

To learn more about Taco Bell, please visit www.tacobell.com.

It’s The Perfect Snack For On The Go

Guess whos back, back, back! Taco Bell has recently started selling one of their customer favorite dishes yet again, and its going to have you rolling up to the ubiquitous fast food cahin in a flash! What is it? Oh, none other than Taco Bells coveted Rolled Chicken Tacos! Theyre kind of like our delicious pork taquitos, but with chicken, of course.

The Rolled Chicken Tacos have continued to ghost the Taco Bell menu for years, coming back every so often over the past few years. But now its back and ready to be your ultimate holiday-shopping fuel. You can get a 4-pack of Rolled Chicken Tacos for $3.99, with your choice of either Spicy Ranch Dip or Nacho Cheese Dip. Rumor has it guacamole may also be an option for a dip!

Its dipping season. Come in today to try #RolledChickenTacos.

Easy Rolled Chicken Tacos Recipe: Taco Bell Copycat

Homemade rolled chicken tacos are so much easier to make than you might think. In just a few easy steps, youll have golden, crispy delicious tacos that are so much better than fast food or frozen tacos. And healthier too. These are meant to remind you of the Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos that you remember but are so hard to come by because of Taco Bell making them a special and short-term menu item.

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Taco Bell Menu Prices 2023

This is a comprehensive guide on Taco Bell Menu Prices 2023. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website.

Even if you dont want to admit it, Taco Bell is unbelievably tasty and filling, both for your taste buds and your wallet. Taco Bell is our personal favorite, having been in the car with a lot of Taco Bell devotees and becoming one myself.

Prepare yourself for an immediate craving for one of these crave-worthy entrees after embarking on this flagrantly indulgent adventure.

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There are a lot of options that you will get while visiting this restaurant. One of the everyday items here is the Cinnamon Twist. Cinnamon twists evoke childhood memories of cinnamon-sugar confections.

Cinnamon twists were the original Taco Bell side item there used to be fries or chips. The cinnamon twists were served with almost every meal, whether you wanted them or not.

Whether you like them or not, youll probably find yourself mindlessly gorging on a taco and wishing you had another one left in the bag. Another masterpiece is the Chicken Quesadilla, for which you can never skip going to Taco Bell.

Please, refrain from rolling your eyes. Its straightforward, uncomplicated, and excellent. The chicken and cheese quesadilla was always a go-to for almost everyone during their more hesitant years, and old habits die hard.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Grande Scrambler $4.69

Do Mexican People Eat Pork

Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos - ChickenMeals.net (1)

Image Source: blogspot.com

Mexico is a major producer and consumer of pork in North America. The United States has only second to China in terms of foreign direct investment. Despite some setbacks, Mexicos people continue to use pork products at a high rate.

Stephanie Meade and her family traveled to Mexico with the intention of learning what Muslims can and cannot eat as a result of Islamic law. There are plenty of non-pork or corn options available at restaurants and street vendors. Mexicos best mole sauce is made in Puebla and is only found 80 percent of the time in Manteca. Spanish was not spoken by the wait staff. As a result, I had to repeat myself three times to ensure that no pork was present in the dishes I ordered. My daughter and husband are gluten-free and do not consume any other food. Furthermore, I had to confirm that the food they were eating was gluten-free.

You can be certain that they will cook you anything that is not on the menu when you visit Mexico for dinner. As another trip staple, freshly prepared tortilla chips and guacamole quickly went out of style. Because there were so many fish to choose from, eating gluten-free and pork-free was simple.

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Can I Make Rolled Chicken Tacos Ahead

Yes. You can make rolled chicken tacos ahead. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. You can prepare them thoroughly ahead of time as noted in the recipe above, or you can prepare them to the point of frying/baking the rolled tacos and save that last step so that they are fresher when serving, and fried/baked at that time.

So When Will Taco Bell Have Rolled Chicken Tacos Back In Stores

We have great news for you the all-time favorite rolled chicken tacos are back! Theyre finally available at any Taco Bell location.

No more waiting, go find the nearest store now!

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Where Are They Currently Offered

The Irvine, California-based chain recently confirmed that Minnesota-St. Paul area are now serving up Dipping Tacos with seasoned beef for $2.99 per taco. In Tennessee, restaurants are offering Dipping Tacos with slow-braised shredded beef for $3.49 each, and each is available as part of a Deluxe Box, too.

psa: taco bells take on birria tacos is being tested in nashville, the grilled cheese dipping taco. would order again

Stephanie Petty

Rolled Chicken Tacos 2

Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos – Review

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At participating U.S. Taco Bell® locations. Contact restaurant for prices, hours & participation, which vary. Tax extra. 2,000 calories a day used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.©2023 Taco Bell IP Holder, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Rolled Chicken Tacos Combo

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At participating U.S. Taco Bell® locations. Contact restaurant for prices, hours & participation, which vary. Tax extra. 2,000 calories a day used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.©2023 Taco Bell IP Holder, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Redditors Reminisce Over Taco Bell’s Discontinued Rolled Chicken Tacos

Taco Bell has introduced a dizzying number of menu items over the years. Some, like Nacho Fries, are designed to be limited-time offerings that are strategically brought back at certain times of the year or offered at participating locations to generate social media buzz and stir up demand. Taco Bell has even involved fans in contributing ideas for Nacho Fries commercials .

Others, such as the enormously popular Mexican Pizza, were long-running menu staples that when removed, led to a public outcry among customers clamoring for its return. Now, the fan favorite is back as a permanent menu item . Then there are the popular discontinued Taco Bell items that have never made it back on the menu, some for good reason. Remember their Seafood Salad? If you blinked, you may have missed it because it was here today, gone tomorrow.

Yet there are certain discontinued Taco Bell items that although their removal didn’t cause widespread customer outrage, they did still develop a cult following among devotees. Redditors on the forum r/tacobell reminisced about one such item: Rolled Chicken Tacos.

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Taco Bell Hot Taco Sauce 75oz

  • One 7.5 oz bottle of Taco Bell Hot Sauce
  • Taco Bell Hot Sauce delivers the bold Taco Bell flavor you crave at home
  • Hot sauce adds the perfect amount of heat to any dish
  • Made with chili pepper, tomato puree, jalapeno peppers and dried onions
  • Pour on tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos or use as an ingredient for Mexican-style recipes
  • Contains 0 calories per serving
  • Keep bottle in kitchen pantry and refrigerate after opening

How To Make Tortillas In Your Home

Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos - ChickenMeals.net (2)

Would you like to make tortillas in your home? To prepare 10 tortillas, you will need 115 g of masa harina , a pinch of salt, and two glasses of hot water.

The procedure is simple: you have to knead until the dough is smooth and not sticky. If you notice that the dough crumbles, add more water.

Once you have created a nice ball of dough, you just have to peel off pieces of the size you prefer depending on how much you want your tortillas to be wide, and roll them out with a rolling pin .

To cook your tortillas, all you have to do is put them in a pan for a few minutes on each side. And your tortilla is ready to be stuffed, rolled, and eaten!

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Can I Bake Rolled Chicken Tacos Instead Of Frying Them

Yes. Rolled chicken tacos can certainly be baked instead of fried. You might choose to do this as a healthier option, or maybe you prefer to save those calories for dipping in sour cream instead. Whatever your reason, to proceed with baking, place them in 1 layer on a baking sheet and place in a 400F oven for about 10-15 minutes, until golden and crispy.

When Will Taco Bell Have Rolled Chicken Tacos Back

Last Updated on October 20, 2022 by Griselda M.

Rolled taco chicken is one of the most popular Taco Bell menu items, and it seems like with each new item release lovers are clamoring for more. And the rolled chicken tacos are the perfect example!

The fast-food chain has been teasing us by continuing to roll out new items regularly including their latest mealtime obsession: rolled tacos.

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What Meats Do Mexicans Eat

Image Source: mexico-newsletter.com

The majority of the meat consumed in the Mexican diet is derived from plants. This well-known restaurant serves a variety of well-known dishes, such as pork, beef, and chicken, as well as combinations of the three. Meats must be a major part of your Mexican food diet as well.

Mexicos most popular meat, beef, is deeply influenced by the countrys culture. It can be found in a variety of traditional Mexican dishes, including tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Skirt steak, ribeye, and flank steak are the most popular cuts of beef used in these Mexican dishes. Other popular Mexican meats such as pork, chicken, and lamb are also consumed in large numbers. Mexicos meat consumption is essential to its culture. A persons annual average consumption of meat is estimated to be around 70 kilograms, with chicken and pork accounting for the vast majority of this amount. This is the result of a long-standing tradition of beef being used in traditional Indonesian dishes. Because of this, the most popular type of meat in Mexico is beef.


Giant Rolled Chicken Tacos

Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos Re-Reviewed

Taquito Taco lets call the whole thing off. Maybe Taco Bell is trying to confuse more Mexicans with their food, I dunno. Eitherway this recipe does provide a tasty, spicy shredded chicken recipe rolled, floured and fried.

PrepTime: 15mins

  • 1 tbsp Fajita Seasoning Mix


  • Pan sear your chicken breast with oil for 5 minutes per side
  • Finish in 400°F oven until fully cooked
  • Shred chicken vigorously
  • Toss chicken back into pan with fajita seasoning mix and ½ Cup Water
  • Cook until water reduces down
  • Add chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt & pepper fortaste
  • Microwave corn tortillas to soften and make pliable
  • Add chicken to tortillas and roll sealing with a tooth pick
  • Toss in masa corn flour, then milk back in corn flour
  • Deep fry for 3-4 minutes at 350°F
  • Serve with dipping sauce of choice
  • Nutritional Information:

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    How To Make Rolled Chicken Tacos Filling

    There are several ways the meat can be cooked for the rolled chicken tacos filling. However, for this post, we have chosen to grill the meat and take advantage of the beautiful spring day. It can be baked, pan fried, slow cooked in the crockpot, and the easiest way would be to just pick up a rotisserie chicken that is already prepared, at your local grocery store. Whatever cooking method you choose, weve included instructions for you below. The same is true for the cut of chicken you choose to use for this recipe. Breast, thighs, legs, a whole chicken, each one will work. Some people dont like to pick through bones and opt to use a breast and thats fine. Our preference for this recipe is to use 2 thigh quarters, with skin on, because they include brown meat that is tasty and quite juicy, and they are so delicious when cooked on the grill.

    Traditional Mexican Food History

    Aztec and Mayan origins can still be found in many Mexican dishes today. The Spaniards developed the chicken, pork, and beef products. Other foods, such as garlic, onion, wine, and rice, were also included in the recipe. Other types of products were developed as a result of the introduction of domesticated animals.

    The first Mexican food most likely consisted of tortillas, beans, and chilies seasoned with cumin. During the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the Spaniards brought with them a slew of dishes. Following this, Mexican cuisine evolved into a fusion of Caribbean, South American, French, West African, and Portuguese cuisines. Traditional Mexican foods are rustic and hearty, and they are heavily influenced by the countrys regions. Slow-roasted pork is traditionally regarded as a genuine Mexican favorite. Because it is hearty, pochole is commonly served as a side dish during holidays and special occasions. Chilaquiles is a traditional breakfast dish that is made with leftover tortillas and salsa.

    There are almost no restrictions on what can be added to Pozole. A tamale is a type of dough that is steamed in a corn leaf or banana leaf. Cochinita Pibil is a pork braising recipe that involves marinating the meat in achiote paste with orange juice, lime juice, and salt.

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    Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos Recipe

    The rolled chicken tacos from Taco Bell are great but unfortunately, they keep taking them off the menu. That is okay because here I have a copycat recipe for the rolled chicken tacos from Taco Bell. Rolled chicken tacos are corn tortillas rolled up with Mexican shredded chicken and then fried. Really they are just taquitos with a different name. At Taco Bell these rolled tacos are served with your choice of sauce such as nacho cheese, spicy ranch, or guacamole. I really enjoy these with nacho cheese. The chicken in this recipe is prepared in the crock pot and we are making our own homemade chicken taco seasoning. You can use either boneless chicken thighs or chicken breasts. The chicken is added to the slow cooker with and taco seasoning and then shredded for use in the tacos. The tacos are rolled and then baked in the oven.

    The Meat Of Mexican Cuisine: Carne Asada And Tacos

    Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos - ChickenMeals.net (3)

    Despite the fact that the Mexican cuisine has evolved over time, one constant has remained: its strong desire for meat. In Mexican cuisine, a large portion of meat is consumed in everything from carne asada to taco shells and quesadillas. Mexicans, according to the most recent statistics, consume 35 kg/person/year of chicken, 20 kg/person/year of pork, and 15 kg/person/year of beef. Carne asada is the most popular of these three meats. A sirloin steak is usually marinated in a variety of Mexican seasonings and grilled to bring out the flavor. Meat can also be served as a secondary course or as an ingredient in taco shells, burritos, and quesadillas. Ranchera, or flap steak, is usually made with beef short ribs marinated in charcoal and grilled over an open flame, then chopped and cooked on a flat surface before being served with a flour tortilla. The three most common meats consumed by Mexicans are chicken, pork, and beef, demonstrating how Mexican culture is heavily influenced by meat consumption. Carne asada, a Mexican-style sirloin steak, is the most popular meat choice because it is marinated in garlic and cooked in a strong Mexican sauce. Its traditionally used as a main course as well as a fillings for tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Ranchera, or flap steak, is the name given to a beef short rib that has been marinated and grilled over charcoal.

    (Video) Sunny Anderson's Ground Chicken Tacos | Cooking for Real | Food Network

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